75th AGM of WOCO Foundation at Visby Sweden – 14-Aug-2015

The 75th Annual General Meeting of WOCO Foundation shall be held on 14th August 2015 at Visby, Sweden on the sidelines of Round Table International World Meet.


To find more about the event please visit www.rti2015.com

Member Associations – If you have not yet got your Delegate Kit, please write to agroytushar@gmail.com. You are requested to nominate someone to attend the AGM.
Nominations for the post of Chairman of WOCO Foundation for 2015-17 are invited.

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All 4 Nepal


Dear Friends of Round Table, Ladies Circle, 41 Club, WoCo Foundation, Tangent and Agora.

As you are aware, Nepal was recently struck by a major tragedy and with many lives lost and many more lives being affected by this event, the people of Nepal have to pick up the pieces from what remains, which we all know will take months of rehabilitation before Nepal can return to its former self. This can only be achieved through much needed assistance and resources.

Many organisations across the world are helping financially and sending relief into this grief stricken country and we therefore call upon each of you in our amazing organisations, to add support to this. We are already seeing great work being done especially by the members of RT Nepal who through all this, are making a difference where it matters in the epicentre area!

Together with Round Table, Ladies Circle, 41 Club, WoCo Foundation, Tangent and Agora, a joint logo has been designed to show that globally we can work together for the greater good through our Round Table family for the good of the community of Nepal. The intention is also to produce this into a pin for sale as an example, and can be purchased by each association and then to be sold on to your members, family and friends!

We ask that you the members embrace this in the way you do best by utilising your experience in raising funds locally and nationally but also raising awareness of your club and organisation at the same time!

Any donation, small or large, will make a significant difference in the rehabilitation of Nepal and the lives of those families affected. We need you! Nepal really needs you!!

We are naming this All 4 NEPAL and it’s about empowering for the future… We ask that you collect the donations nationally and then be paid through the webpage once at www.all4nepal.org this is to help us manage to make sure the funds get to those members working on the ground. Once received we will be looking at where best this is split and coordinated by what’s needed….

For purchasing the pins which we hope will be available in two weeks or to ask a question you can email info@all4nepal.org

This is the time to show our strength and reach out to help those in need. By standing together, we will be strong, and embracing together globally like this we can achieve even more in making a difference!

We thank you in advance for your support and generosity to All4Nepal!


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Rebuilding Nepal


The Land of the almighty Everest was hit hard by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25th April. The forces of nature shivered this culturally rich country at the most densely populated city of the country.

Historical monuments, commercial & residential buildings fell as if they were house of cards. The images that came in were heart-breaking to see kids, women & elderly people trapped the debris.

Image: Nepal earthquake

The community responded soon to help the people around them and save the lives of the trapped ones.

Death tolls are believed to be reaching 2000, and thousands of injured. The injured are being treated in open streets outside the hospital as the wards are full. Numerous aftershocks jolted the country on Saturday and Sunday as people sheltered where they could. People have slept out on the streets, parks, open grounds on sunday night too scared to return to homes that are vulnerable to strong aftershocks.

Roads to the remote locations outside the Kathmandu valley are blocked due to landslides. Help in the remote might take a while to reach.

We believe that the authorities will do their best to clear the debris and restore the communication system & power.

Round Table Nepal believes that we should take a step forward in helping the community to restore their lives back. People would need shelters, food, drinking water, medicines in the worst hit areas. RT Nepal has created a relief fund “FOR NEPAL” to support the 2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief & Rehabilitation activities.

To start with RT Nepal has planned to adopt a village to commence rehabilitation and rebuilding work which shall involve construction of permanent shelters, schools and hospitals.

Members of Round Table International and Active 20-30 from across the World have stepped forward to help RT Nepal in this hour of need.

You can donate right here through Paypal. All the money raised shall go to RT Nepal’s “FOR NEPAL” fund to rebuild Nepal after such a huge devastation.


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Build a children’s home in Cali, Colombia

We are trying to raise US$25000
to support the construction of a Childrens’ home in Colombia.
A project of Active 20-30 Club Cali -Colombia
Contribute today and help a child go to school.

Active 20-30 Club of Cali along these 40 years of hard work has focused all its efforts, commitment and dedication to help disadvantaged children, managing social projects in the most vulnerable sectors of the city. Nowadays, Active 20-30 Club has five day-shelters where 1,350 children are attended from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. This program is aligned and supervised by the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar), ICBF by its acronym in Spanish.

Due to the above Active 20-30 Club of Cali, has pointed all its efforts and resources to build a new day-shelter called “Benjamin Herrera”. This new building accomplishes has been designed under the standards of the National Government, in order to provide this service to the community. We will be offering 200 new places to children for their integral development in a healthy and favorable environment that facilitates coexistence in a society with high socioeconomic vulnerability due to the high rate of unemployment, homeless, displaced and re-inserted people.

This day-shelter (C.D.I by its acronym in Spanish) is the first educational community in which children learn to live together, to get to know, love and respect others, and they internalize basic rules of coexistence and gratitude for themselves and for others. Moreover, Active 20-30 Club of Cali has developed its own pedagogical model, in strict alignment with the government’s guidelines and standards, which permeates our children with the 4 principles and core values that resume what Active 20-30 International is:

1- Develop new leaders to serve in their communities
2- To serve our communities, especially children
3- Develop friendship and fellowship among its members
4- Promote the highest human, moral and civic principles

Currently, Benjamin Herrera old day-shelter is now attending 150 children between the ages 2 and 5 years. It is currently operating in a rented house that does not fulfill with the minimal space needed for special attention. The target population is affiliated to the subsidized “Sisben” social security system in Colombia, in the levels 1-2-3.

Kids attend from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. This teaching model is a 5 days a week, 10 hours a day, 100% of nutritional requirements like care, grooming, hygiene, recreation, personal care, stimulation and formation of values for a healthy living.

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Raise funds for community service through WOCO






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WOCO Annual Meet at Colombia on 16-20 July 2014





woco (2)

The Annual WOCO Meet this year shall be held at Santa Marta (Colombia) from 16th to 20th July 2014. The official Notice and Agenda shall soon follow. Meanwhile, I request you to register for this event.



Santa Marta is located in the bay of its on name and is one of the main tourist destinations in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Its geographical location between the peak of Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and the Caribbean Sea make it a perfect destination to visit a diversified variety of plants and wildlife in the area. As it is the oldest city in the whole of South America, Santa Marta has a lot of cultural and historical places to visit.

With all its characteristics, the associates of Club Active 20/30 of Santa Marta and the National Association of Active 20/30 Colombia are preparing to welcome all national and international visitors the richest experience in a magical city that combines culture, tourism and history all in one city.


The link for more information and forms for the convention:



Paying before the 31st of March $650 USD

Paying before the 30 April $680 USD

From the 1st of May to the day of the Event $700 USD

Option for installments:

There is an initial installment of $195 USD

If one should make an installment of $195 USD and this paid in before the 31st of March 2014, we will reserve the original price of $650 USD until the 30th June, by which time the rest of the amount must be paid. If payment is not made by this extended date then the price will rise to $700 USD.

If an installment of $195 USD minimum is made, and this is paid in between the 1st April and the 30th April 2014, a reservation shall be made for the amount of $680 USD until the 30th June 2014, by which time the rest of the amount must be paid. If payment is not made by this extended date then the price will rise to $700 USD.

Bear in mind that once payments have been made, no refunds will be made. However, it can be transferred to another associate for their payment aslong as we are notified before hand.


IN order to receive payments, we have set up a place to pay system where you can pay with mastercard, visa or American express credit cards.



Wednesday 16th July 2014

–       Transport available from either Santa Marta o Barranquilla airports

–       Dinner

–       Opening ceremony of the convention, speech contest and socializing.

–       Accommodation in double rooms

Thursday 17 July 2014

–       Breakfast

–       Social activity

–       WOCO meeting

–       Lunch

–       City tour

–       Dinner

–       Socializing

–       Accommodation in double rooms

Friday 18th July 2014

–       Breakfast

–       International board of presidents

–       Lunch

–       National convention of Colombia or a sports related activity for associates to socialize

–       Dinner

–       All Nations Party

–       Accommodation in double rooms

Saturday 19th July 2014

–       Breakfast

–       International convention

–       Lunch

–       First Board of incoming presidents

–       Gala dinner, administering oaths and awarding prizes, and gala party

–       Accommodation in double rooms

Sunday 20th July 2014

–       Breakfast

–       First board of Colombian presidents

–       Lunch

–       Hotel transport service to either Santa Marta or Barranquilla airports


If you have already received your flight itinirary please send to Carolina Aristizabal – ironacional@2030colombia.com


Basic accommodation US $778

Companion, same Price as an assisting child US $548



If you need other information, please write to:


International Relations Official 2013 – 2014

Active 20-30 Colombia Association




Posted By

Hamir Sampat

Round Table India

WOCO Blog Convener



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WOCO Introduction

Inline images 1 

Dear Friend,
I would like to thank you for your support and trust in the Foundation and the spirit it upholds Globally.  During the Annual General Meeting that was held in Valence in August 2013, the new board was elected.When we took over we decided on some of the priorities and decided on the following key objectives:

  • Woco Foundation should be a valuable resource to its member associations.
  • Woco Foundation should help generate worldwide visibility and goodwill of the community service activities carried out by its member associations.
  • Woco Foundation should help in raising funds for various community service projects through its network of worldwide contacts and patrons both from across associations as well as thorough external corporate partners.
  • Create a positive sense of belonging and a feeling of pride in becoming a member of the Woco Foundation.

In line with the above objectives we have initiated various actions thanks to the support of Board members Tushar, Lisa & Evan.  Following are few of the highlights:

  • Active focus on Social Media.
    • We have already launched our official Blog. This will soon be integrated with the WF website and Facebook group. Ask to be added to the Woco Foundation FB Group if you’re not already on it.
    • Kindly share positive stories of DOING GOOD through your local club/association that may be posted on the Blog.  Kindly email the stories to Tr. Hamir Sampat hamirsamson@gmail.com. With the Subject Line (woco)
    • You may also encourage members to follow WOCO activites by giving a Like to our Facebook Page.
  • Active online donation account that can accept donations from across the world for various charities.
    • We have supported Madras Midtown Round Table 42 ( RT India) to raise online funds from international donors to the tune of 10k USD and still counting.  Please visit www.kc500.com for details on the initiative.
    • Started a new online campaign for Bombay Round Table 2 (RT India) to raise online funds from international donors towards Blind Men’s Rally a unique community event partnering a Blind Navigator and sighted car driver.
  • There are several other initiatives in initial stages and we shall keep sharing updates with you from time to time through various mediums of communication.

We invite member associations to submit Project Proposals for which Woco might be able to help raise international funds. For this, please download the application form here and submit it to Tr.Tushar Agarwal at agroytushar@gmail.com.

Yo can also download a WOCO presentation here for your perusal and use.

In case you have any new ideas to share please feel free to reach out to any of the Board members.  We also invite floor members to participate as Board members or to volunteer time to support the various causes of the Woco Foundation.  I thank Tr. Hamir Sampat from Madras Knights Round Table 181 (RT India) who has volunteered to be the official blogger of the WF.

I’m also please to share the details of the Woco Foundation Board for your immediate reference:


Chairman Vineet Parikh – RT India


Secretary Tushar Agarwal – RT India


Treasurer Lisa Gomez – Active 20-30


Floor Representative Vacant – Open for nomination
Active 20-30 Representative Evan Hershey – Active 20-30


Ladies Circle India Representative Soumya Sanjay – LC India


Round Table Representative

Woco Blogger

 Vacant – Open for nomination


Hamir Sampat – RT India


Best Regards,

Tr. Vineet Parikh

Chairman – WoCo Foundation. A registered 501 (c) (3) Charitable Trust.

Immediate Past President & International Relationships Officer – Round Table India

M-9998805050, email – parikh.vm@gmail.com


Inline images 3

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WOCO Foundation

Dear Friends,

Heres a Short Video Of What We Do and Who We Are…

Posted By

Hamir Sampat

WOCO Foundation Blogger


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